Valentine's day saved by her step son

Alana Cruise
35:50 | Views 581250

Starring Alana Cruise AKA Savannah Fyre and Codey Steele! Ever get stood up or rejected on Valentine's Day? Happens to the best of us really. But do you know who would never let you down? Your family of course! Or rather your Step-Family. Except when it comes to the classic, out-of-reach, always working husband who neglects his poor wife even on the day of lovers. Alana Cruise is fed up with her husband always missing the important days of the year. Crying and hopeless with the idea of her favorite day ruined, her stepson overhears her. Compassionate and sad for her, he tries his best to comfort her but he knows too well how his dad can be. All she wants is to get back at him and an idea comes to mind. What's the best way to get back at him you ask? How about a good old fashioned revenge fuck? How about fucking her husband's son, that'd show him, right? Nothing like a perfect young and capable man to fill the hole her husband left when he decided to ruin her day. Like any good son, he wouldn't miss the opportunity to piss off his own father. He treats her to a 3-course meal, an entrée of big cock, followed by a relentless pussy smashing, ending the feast with a delicious, creamy dessert. Who wouldn't treat their step-mother on a day as important as this one? On this day dedicated to couples, how about you treat yourself and take the matter into your own hands. Happy Valentine's Day from the FILF Family!


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