This Boy Scout Was Not Prepared

Nina Elle
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Starring Connor Kennedy And Nina Elle; Connor is doing his annual cookie run, trying to sell his last two boxes when he stumbles upon a nice mansion. He had the feeling this would be the place where he could make that last big sale. He rings at the door and there she is; a lovely, busty and lonely hot MILF answers the door and invites him in while she grabs some money from her purse. Nina Elle is one horny MILF who's always had a thing for younger men. This boy is about to find out that the scouts didn't prepare him for this sort of encounter. Nina is short on cash and he's willing to let go of his last boxes for only 6 dollars but she's willing to repay him with a little skin. Caressing his cock through his trousers, this guy has nowhere to go. Who would say no to this blonde, sexy MILF anyway? She pulls down his pants and starts gobbling this young boy scout's dick like she's devouring a box of Thin Mints. She's not the only one doing some eating as this apt young man licks up her pussy and ass before giving this mother I'd like to fuck some sweet, sweet pussy pounding. Connor is now more than a man, and after that, he'll be more than prepared.


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