Step sis begs me to brutalize her

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As a football player, I often get into intense physical situations and that's to be expected. I've recently noticed how my stepsister has been coming to watch me play more and more often and today, I understood why. She walked into my bedroom after I came out of the shower and not only did she ask me to fuck her, which I've been dreaming of doing for quite some time now, but to do it as rough as possible. Sure, fucking your step sister may seem a bit pervy, but she's not really my sister, but I'm not the kind of guy that splaps ladies around. She did ask in a nice way though, so how can I refuse? I decide to start with the basics, a good face fuck. The fact that she has done her hair in pigtails makes it even easier for me. She gasps at the first sight of my huge cock, but that quickly changes into a smile of approval. She doesn't waste time swallowing my dick (as best as she can) and I help her out by pulling on those cute pigtails of hers. From there on, things get more and more brutal. I have to be honest, hearing her scream from pain and pleasure really turned me on too.


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