Step daughter's lunch for daddy

Kristina Cruise
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Kristina Cruise is cooking her a nice meal for herself when her step dad walks into the kitchen asking what’s for lunch. It doesn’t take long before he comments on her cooking being as bad as her mom’s. Marc finds that his step daughter doesn’t really respect him when she asks for gas money. It’s not long before the latina teen starts to show her own definition of respect, unzipping his pants and starts to swallow that huge black cock deep down her throat, doesn’t take very long before he’s hard as fuck. He, then, put her on the counter top and insert his throbbing cock in her tight little pussy and telling her that her mom doesn’t need to know about this, that it’s gonna be their little secret. They young stepdaughter wasn’t expecting his big cock to feel so good in her little pussy, she very much enjoys this little fuck session with her step dad. After few position switch, from doggy to cowgirl, she puts his dick back into her hungry mouth and back into her pussy. It’s not so long before he cums all over his stepdaughter’s titties telling her that his cum is her gas money. This scene is such a great fantasy, a regular midday cooking lunch turning into a fuckfest, here at FILF we are sure that this scene will be enjoyed but a lot of you guys and gals as it’s featuring a black dude with a huge load and a latina teen eager for cocks! This one is a no-brainer and will make you cum in minutes.


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