Step daughter's dream

Ashley Stone
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Ashley Stone is a young blonde teen who has a crush on her step dad. It all started when her mom met this black stud who loves to train. She's been spying on him a few times while he was working out in his gym but the last time she did, he noticed her and told her to come over to train and show her some stretching moves. She’s shy at first but after doing a few moves, she ends up face first with his crotch, that’s when she couldn’t resist anymore and starts massaging his massive cock over his pants. From there it all goes down, his step daughter puts his throbbing dick in her mouth and she sucks it real good! He tries to resist a bit at first but seeing this cutie’s mouth around his engine makes him way too hard to stop. She’s swallowing his monster balls deep when he says that’s enough as he wanted a taste of her tight pussy. He lays Ashley down on the couch and fucks her gently at first but hearing her moans in pleasure he starts to pound that pussy. He cannot resist long to her tightness and he makes sure she gets a good load on her mouth. We always try to find the best video to wank on and this one is absolutely the best, a stepdad with a huge dong like this and his small blonde stepdaughter is at the top of the game! It’s definitely a must watch.


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