Step dad cums to the rescue

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I've always had the hots for men in uniform like soldiers and law enforcement officers and I got more than excited when I learned that my Mom's new husband is a fireman. Well this afternoon, while Mom is out for her tennis lesson, I got to spend some quality time with stepdad who's off work today. It is much easier than I thought to catch his eye as I walk out of my bedroom in her loosely closed bathrobe. Mel, what are you doing? I choose not to answer but start unzipping his trousers and playing with his cock, which is absolutely gigantic! I'm on fire, I tell him, and I need you to put me out with your firehose. I get on my knees and start sucking his dick and licking his balls which gets him super horny and he responds to my demand for help by pushing his cock deeper into my throat. It's not long before he almost splits open my tight young pussy with his hard and throbbing fire axe. He finishes the job by covering me all over with a flood of jizz. He's my hero and I'm happy to know he'll be there anytime I need him.


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