Stella Raee Teases Her Father's Friend Until He Fucks Her

Stella Raee
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Starring the fabulous Stella Raee; Stella is moving to a new apartment. Since her father couldn't help, her dad's best friend came to the rescue. After moving everything, Stella suggests that Tony could stay and help her hook up the cable to her TV. Stella is into older men, especially him, and since he's been so kind as to help her move her stuff, why not give him a little reward? As he hooks up the cable, she shows off her voluptuous, tattooed body behind his back, playing innocent every time he turns around. She kneels and twerks on the couch, showing her big round ass cheeks peeking through her short shorts, claiming she was just looking through the window. He only realizes what she's doing when he turns around to see her lifting up her shirt, exhibiting her beautiful small tits. She's obviously flirting with him, but he just can't let her best friend's daughter show herself off to him like that. He's about to finish fixing up the TV when she calls him from the bathroom where he finds her completely naked, asking for a towel she could've grabbed herself. She wants to provoke him enough so that he can't deny her his big dick. Her father would kill him if he even thought about fucking his daughter. But, when you have such a beautiful chick in front of you, almost begging you to fuck her, you just can't back down, even if she's your best friend's only daughter. Besides, nobody would tell him. She finally gets what she's been craving for a long time, a big, older dick to satisfy her every need.


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