Snapchat Model Lexie Fox Blackmailed By Stepdad

Lexie Fox
21:45 | Views 915969

Starring the lovely Lexie Fox; Remember when you had to go out on a limb to see some tits? Nowadays, all you have to do is type 4 letters in a browser and you're in for hours and hours of free porn. You can even pay a little extra and have the girl of your dream send you pictures of her whole body, without any censorship. That's exactly what Lexie Fox has been doing to make an extra buck. For Lexie, This sounds like a dream come true and an easy way to get the big bucks. Get a bunch of followers, ask for around 15 to 30 bucks for a whole month and your horny viewers will be receiving pictures and videos of her drool-inducing body. Easy enough, right? Yeah. Until stepdad finds out and threatens to tell on her to her mom. He found out peaking at the semi-closed door, stepdad sneakily watches his stepdaughter taking a video of her superb body, enticing her subscribers with her horniest voice she can make. Stepdaddy easily finds her Snapchat, subscribes to it and then goes into her room, showing her what he found on the web. If her mom ever finds out, she's fucked. That's why stepdad has a little idea on how she can make it up to him and make sure he doesn't tell her mom. Lexie is about to be fucked, literally this time.


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