Relaxation with my step mom

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My Dad's new wife is quite friendly, but Boy is she stressed out by her job. So much so that I'm pretty sure she's not giving my Dad much fun in bed. I decided to take the matter into my own hands and I promised my self I'd get her to relax and realize what she's been missing out on for too long. One Saturday morning after my Dad left for a work emergency, I called her into my bedroom saying that I wasn't feeling well. She just about to step out for some errands but truly seemed worried about my not feeling well. I ask her to come lie down next to me and I start playing with her hair, knowing how much she needs a massage. She closed her eyes and let out a huge sigh of relief. After doing this for a few minutes, she started slowly dozing off and I proceeded to move my hands from her head to her tits, which I find beautiful. At first, she didn't seem to realize what I was doing and she let out a faint moan. I knew right then that I was on the right track. I slowly opened her blouse and started sucking her tits. Her eyes opened and she was about to say something, but I stopped her by giving her a long kiss. I continued kissing her while I slid my hand down her panties to play with her slighlty hairy pussy. It quickly became really wet and I removed her clothes so I could have access to her entire body. At times she seemed a bit reluctant, but I enventually broke down her wall and all she could do is give in to this illicit pleasure.


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