Pervy Dad Fucks His Hot Daughter's Friend Skye Blue

Skye Blue
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Starring the incredible Skye Blue; You're coming back from work from a long and hard day at work only to find a not so familiar person sitting on your couch. A beautiful, short-haired blonde girl with amazing curves is just sitting there. You have no idea who she is but you introduce yourself to her. Her smile is something you've never seen before, is this love? Is this simply lust from the skimpily dressed stranger sitting in your house? Anyways, you strike a conversation with her, and after a quick chit-chat, she asks you if she can take a shower. She spent the whole day with your daughter at the beach and she needs to clean up. You tell her to make herself at home and she heads into the shower. This is where your inner urges take over, you need to see that sexy body for yourself. As the water stops, you peak through the door to see it, finally. She's all wet, drying herself with a towel. You can't help yourself, you might get caught but who cares? You cannot look away. The fully-naked body of a young, big breasted babe. She suddenly laughs, telling you she can see you peeking through the cracked door. You apologize a thousand times but she seems to be enjoying being watched. This is where you realize that you went from a pervy older dad to a man who's about to realize some young, beautiful woman crazy desire for older, mature cock. Want to know every little detail of this amazing scene starring the dazzling Skye Blue? Create your free account now!


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