Not in my kitchen

Carmen Caliente
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Step-mothers seemed to have developed a bad reputation in society. There’s the argument that “she isn’t your real mom” and that she has no power over your life - but what if she was willing to deepthroat your dick like no one ever did? Not only that, but what if you were dating a girl and her sexy step-mom just so happened to catch you fucking; only to join in on the fun? I know a lot of us fantasize about that, but truth be told, I’m nutting in my pants just thinking about it. In this particular sex family scene, we see Mercedes catching her whore of a step-daughter fucking a boy on the kitchen counter. That’s where the food is made, so of course, she decides to intervene and take action! Not the way you think, though! At first we’re expecting some sort of punishment to ensue, but the only punishment going on is how much damage that dick is doing to their pussies. This is a two-way that will leave you questioning life itself (okay, that may seem a little over-the-top, but it’s easily one of the hottest scenes you’re going to see all year). When a mother and daughter can share one cock, you know it’s going to be a competition of sorts - good thing that’s what we expect out of our porn family scenarios. You might not be a part of your own sex family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a look into the life of others. If you like Latina MILFs that can gargle a cock like true champions, this scene will blow your mind. Threesomes are always going to tickle the tip of your genitals in a special sort of way, so watching this MILF get down and dirty with her step-daughters’ boyfriend will be no different. Two women and a cumshot to go, please!


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