Netchix and Fill

Liza Rowe
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Lily is Liza's roommate and closest friend. As they're watching some real scary horror movie together, fear seems to get Lily as horny as she's scared and she starts teasing Liza about the size of her stepdad's cock that she's glimpsed in the shower. “I'd love to suck and fuck such a big dick and I'm sure you'd love to go for some kinky family sex too”. As on cue, the stepdad walks right in and sits with them to watch what was for him a cult movie. Behind his back, Lily tries to coax Liza to go for it and, as her friend feigns to ignore her, she gets so excited and wanton that she just grabs his cock. The startled guy jumps-up so high that the pop-corn bowl flies off, but the little slut is already on her knees showing her tits and begging him. Seeing approval in his stepdaughter's eyes, the idea that he's going to fuck them both just makes him forget his principles. Soon the teen's team is passing his cock from mouth to mouth and he's got two tongues to lick his balls. Horny Lily then strips and straddles him to ride his dick balls-deep in her dripping pussy while Liza fingers her slit watching them. As soon as Lily cums, Liza wants her turn on her stepdad's big dick till she has her own orgasm. After that everybody is so sex-crazed that the threesome turns into an erotic frenzy in which each girl licks the other's pussy when it's her turn to get fucked. From then on, the stepdad's dick goes through a merry-go-round of slurping mouths and juicy cunts till this intense scene of family porn ends in a massive cum shower all over his stepdaughter and her friend's cute faces.


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