My roomie's step dad

Lily Jordan
36:01 | Views 493241

Threesomes are a dream come true. You get to have two women at once, which means one pussy for your face and one for your dick. Hell, if you get your hands on some kinky women, you may even be granted access to an asshole or two! Family sex is a tradition here at FILF, and that’s why this scene is so close to our hearts. Having two sets of young lips wrapped around your cock has to be the epitome of pleasure, or at least pretty close to it. Liza's friend Lily has always wondered what it would be like the fuck her BFF's step-dad, but she has never had the courage to actually approach him - until now. They’ve been watching a horror film all night, and it’s about time that they grab a hold of the situation (and by situation, I mean Liza's step-fathers’ thick cock!). They’re going to need a lot of willpower if they’re going to make it through this powerful fuck session, but they’re dedication; and the father is dedicated to teaching them how it’s done. If anybody is going to fuck them right, it may as well be daddy! Such a sex family is a sight that we love to see, being a page that’s dedicated to family porn. Having two teens deepthroat your cock and then turn around, only to let you fuck them? Sounds like heaven to just about anybody. Lily and Liza may think they know their way around a cock, but this is one porn family scene that’s going to feature a little more “feisty” girl. It takes a special kind of man to refuse jerking off to such a hot scene. I promise you, this is one you don’t want to miss out on. Get out your cocks, fellas, because it’s time to CUM!


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