My Asian stepsister

Kendra Lynn
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Kendra hates her nerdy stepsister who always has her nose in a goddam book, but the pussy-loving bitch that's her second nature is wildly turned on by that young Asian body which seems so unaware of life's real pleasures. So, when she finds her on the couch with again another book, she decides that she's not only going to humiliate the fucking little nerd, but that she's also going to use her as her own family sex toy. The poor little girl tries to resist at first, but she's no match for her evil and horny stepsibling who easily overcomes her and forcefully french-kisses her as she wantonly grabs her pussy. Soon the helpless teen is out of her pants and spread-eagled for her sister's greedy mouth. As excited as she becomes under that expert lesbian tongue, she still tries to fight her up, but when the mature slut straddles her face to get her own clit licked she doesn't dare to say no and finds herself getting too horny to resist anymore. But her licking is too inexperienced for that nympho's taste and she just roughly rubs her swollen pussy all over the poor girl's face. Once she's had her first orgasm, she forces her now submissive nerdy step-sister on all four and wildly licks her wide-open ass and pussy till the crying teen can't hold back anymore and reaches a climax that not only blows her mind but makes her more than willing to go down again on her partners's swollen clit till she makes her cum again. The nasty sister might still hate her, but she knows now that she's gonna use her over and over again to make some torrid family porn.


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