Lusty Babysitter Honey Gold Fucks Hot Dad

Honey Gold
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Starring Honey Gold and Derrick Pierce; Honey's back and she's better than ever. This scene from FILF starring the amazing Honey Gold is sure to make all your babysitter fantasies reality. Are you a FILF? Is there some cute younger girl around that has been eyeing you for some time? Don't be afraid to go and ask her what she truly desires. Now, Honey's a really good babysitter, she has the touch as some might say. One day during her daily babysitting; Derrick arrived early from work. Honey's been looking forward to having some kind of intimacy with him. As you might have guessed, the old dude is FILF material. Strong, tattooed and manly as a man can be. Honey can't wait to find out what he's packing. After trying to help him around the house, she goes straight to the point calling him a Father I'd Like To Fuck. Now, Derrick's never heard that term before but when Honey puts her hand right on his lap, he knows damn well what's about to happen. This beautiful Blasian in all her young glory craving over this dad's dick. Want to know what happens next; Let's just say that this babysitter is about to get one hell of a raise. But seriously, if you want to find out about ALL that's happening in this amazing scene starring Honey Gold, all you have to do is subscribe to FREE! Create your account and enjoy hundreds of hours of exclusive Father I'd Like To Fuck scenes! What're ya waiting for? Come on in and start fapping, right now!


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