Larisa's anal toy is her step dad's dick

Larisa Iermilov
36:25 | Views 289221

Larisa is a party girl who makes money disappear faster than she earns it. Ever since she was young, she's had the bad habit of ''borrowing'' money from her stepdad Tim's wallet without asking or paying it back. This time, Tim is mighty pissed off at her and decides to give her the lesson he thinks she deserves. He leaves his wallet on the kitchen table and pretends to go to the bathroom. Larisa, about to leave to join her friends at a party, sees the unatended wallet and decides to lighten it of a couple of bills. Well, well, well says step father Tim, as she still has a hand in the wallet. Come over here! Larisa's never seen her step dad this angry and she obeys without saying a word. Get undressed! Again, she obeys without prostesting. He drops his pants down and she now knows what punishment awaits her. His dick is absolutely huge compared to her tiny body and she gets on her knees to see it in its full glory. He slaps her in the face a few time with his throbbing cock. She then starts to suck on it and she quickly gasps and gags as she tries to push it down her throat. He brings her over to the couch, lifts her up and slowly sits her on his dick, sliding deeper and deeper into her asshole. There was a sharp pain at first, followed but immense pleasure. Finally, she spoke: Oh stepfather, I've been a very, very bad girl and I really deserve any punishment you think of...


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