It's a Christmas Miracle!

Natalie Monroe
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With the Holidays around the corner, Natalie Monroe comes back to her father's place to spend Christmas with him but since she's been gone out of town for her study, the place has changed drastically. She was expecting to spend a quiet time with her dad but she totally forgot that he was now living with his new wife and his step-son. Natalie really enjoyed meeting them but really wished she could relax but they were always doing activities. Until that moment where she had her own little time and what does a single cutie do when she's all alone? She's touching herself, giving her a lot of pleasure. Little she knew, her step-brother was spying on her while masturbating to this beauty! When she saw him and his big throbbing dick she went to reach him and it didn't take long that she had it in her mouth, swallowing every inch of it! Her Step-brother who had never had sex before is enjoying every second of this blowjob, he didn't expect her to offer her pussy like she did, but Natalie was so horny that she couldn't resist him anymore. After taking her in multiple positions, he cums all over her face, leaving her face covered in cum in her room. This scene is all about the Holiday spirit of reconstructed families, we hope you are as lucky as Natalie's new step brother when going back to your family for the Holidays!


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