I'll do anything for the car

Anna Skye
31:03 | Views 194494

Mom is out of the house and little Anna needs a ride to her friend's place. Asking her stepdad should be easy enough. Right? Well he says no not realizing how much she wants to take his car. To his surprise, she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the slut tree. Stepdad is hesitant at first, but seeing her eager gaze while she rubs his cock, he gives in to his desire to plunge his dick inside her tight teen pussy. Before he gets the chance, Anna throws her mouth around the cock that has been banging her mom for so long. She has never seen or felt anything so big as it fills her entire mouth and hits her in the back of the throat. Ever wonder what tight teen vagina feels around your manhood? This lucky old fuck doesn't have to wonder anymore since he gets a hot fuck session with his stepdaughter's wet pussy. Sometimes you have to get nasty to get what you want. Trust me, she is going to get to use the car after pleasing her step-daddy in ways her mother never did.


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