I have a chore for you

Jaye Summers
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As a step-brother, you can feel sexually frustrated at times. Having a sister that is sexy, but not technically related to you, can be a distraction at times. When it comes to sibling rivalries, it can be somewhat of a benefit. When you have a step-brother, you tend to fight with one another and get into physical altercations - with a step-sister, you’ll probably be getting into an entirely new set of “physical altercation”. Jaye is just going about handling her chores around the house, things like cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the floors. While she’s going through the motions, her incredibly horny step-brother comes into the picture. Like I said before, when you’re step-siblings, things are little different than they would normally be (especially when you have a step-sister with an ass this nice). Jaye isn’t into the entire thing at first, but after a while, she gives in to the wants of her unrelated brother “Brad”. She notices him checking out her ass, calling him a creep and questioning why they’re even family in the first place. After brushing Brad off for the first time, he remains persistent. You know what they say - persistence is key! He keeps on the lookout for that booty, and eventually, she decides to give him a little taste! She starts off by sucking his cock, dipping the dick in and out of her mouth like she had just made it in the kitchen! Gagging and spitting on it until her step-brother couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her. She lays back on the countertop and he puts his dick deep inside her tight, hairy pussy. It turns out that Jaye is just as into it as Brad was! After fucking in a few different positions, Brad pulls his dick out and cums all over the face of his assertive step-sister - completing the sex family cycle. What started off as a problem, turned into a win-win situation!


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