He's one lucky step dad

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Hank is a lucky guy who's recently married my mother who's a stunning Ebony beauty. He got a shock when he met me as I'm a younger version of my Mum. He finds it hard not to look at me when I come back from my gymnastics class. My outfit is so snug against my tiny body that there is little left to the imagination and I love to watch him squirm. What Hank does not know is that I actually think he's a pretty cool guy and kinda cute too. Mum leaves for an afternoon of shopping with friends and I decide to come back early from my gymnsatics practice. Hank is surprised to see me earlier than planned but even more so as I'm just stepping out of the shower and I'm walking to my bedroom with my towel barely hiding my ass and showing my perfect tits. I wink at him and go to my room, leaving the door open. I'm happy to see he follows me in and I take his hands and bring him to the bed. He barely has time to protest (does he really want to?) that I'm removing his sweatpants and sucking on his huge cock. His dick is so much bigger than any I've played with before. I turn around and slide his cock into my wet pussy and we both feel so much better. He'd already given my Mum a good time earlier today so I think I'm a little too much for him right now, but in time, he'll be fine with this new lifestyle...


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