He fingers her like he fingers a guitar

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My lifelong dream is to sing and write my own Country songs like Dolly and Tammy but being a cutie sometimes makes it tricky as people don't take you seriously. My step daddy Dwayne has been on the road with many top Country artists and he's promised he'd teach me to play the guitar. It makes me feel special to be spending time alone with him. As he's showing me chords on the guitar, I can't help but feel his big dick against me. It's difficult to concentrate on my playing when all I want to do is play with his cock as it's getting it hard. I finally give in to temptation, unzip his pants and proceed to show my teacher how appreciative I am by giving him the best blow job he's ever had. The giant dick makes me gasp a few times, but I'm dedicated to making him happy. It's not long before he starts fucking my tight young pussy and it feels so good inside me that he quickly makes me cum, leaving a gigantic pool of jizz on my swollen pussy. I know I'll become better and better as I'll have private lessons with him three times a week.


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