Grab him by the dick

Syndney Cole
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When you’re at your new girlfriends’ house and her sexy step-daughter is making advances, what is a man to do? If you could say no to having a tight-assed teen sitting on your face, you’re much stronger of a man than I! Sydney Cole is the type of step-daughter that just wants to please her daddy, regardless of how she has to do it. That’s why when you see those two ribbons on her thighs, you know it’s about to be a hardcore kind of scene. Facefucking is somewhat mandatory when you’re dealing with a girl that brings this much nastiness to the table, I mean - how nasty do you have to be to fuck your step-father? If you’re always fantasizing about family you’d like to fuck, this scene will have you gripping your cock tighter than Sydney’s pussy itself. If you’re a woman - big daddy dicks such as this one don’t come along too often. This is a scene that delivers the best of both worlds. Sydney starts out on the couch, innocently checking her phone - but things are going to take a turn for the better. Family sex has never been this great! She notices her mother’s boyfriend come home, and decides to see if she can have a little fun. All the way from sucking his cock, down to letting him deep inside of her pussy from behind, Sydney was ready to give him absolutely everything. To top it off, she deep throats his dick until he’s ready to bust. When he does, she makes sure that she doesn’t miss any of it - letting him cum all over her face! If you absolutely love the pounding of tight teenie pussies, this scene is going to be a gold-mine for you. Sydney will never be the same, because the only cocks she’ll ever want after this will be STEP-FATHER COCKS!


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