Fixing Up Riley Reid's Dripping Pipe

Riley Reid
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FILF is starting 2019 with a bang by bringing you a special surprise. As we say goodbye to the holiday season, we've decided to bring a gift to all the FILF fans out there. An exclusive scene featuring the #1 pornstar of our time, the one and only Riley Reid. Riley has some leaking problems and we're not talking about her pussy. Her kitchen sink is acting up and her landlord has to call the plumber. When Tony the plumber arrives, he's greeted by a petite babe wearing a see-through shirt and some short shorts. As she leads him towards her kitchen, the plumber can clearly see her tight little ass peeking through. He gets to work and she starts asking him questions about his personal and sex life. Not sure what to answer, he simply brushes her off and tells her he needs to concentrate on his work. After finishing the job, he turns around to see her very close to him. Startled, he asks what she's doing and she starts insisting even more of his sex life. Clearly, she needs to get fucked right now. Claiming to be a faithful man isn't helping him as she goes down on her knees to suck on his big wrench. I bet he didn't get a blowjob like that in years. After choking on his fat chode, she brings him to her bedroom undressing, showing him everything her slutty petite figure has to offer. Soon enough, he's balls deep into her tight pussy, having the best fuck he's had in his life. Let's hope his wife doesn't find out because he's sure a hell going back there for more (blow)jobs.


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