Family teaching lesson

Penelope Reed
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As a teenager, you’re going to do a lot of exploration (especially sexual exploration!). That’s exactly what Penelope Reed was going through, as she comes home to get familiar with her tight, pink pussy. As she’s fingering away, her sexy step-mother catches a glimpse of the action - but instead of walking away and letting her be, she decides to get in on the action for herself. This scene isn’t your typical lesbian scenario, it’s something that is going to have you cumming in seconds! It’ll be a challenge just to make it past the first ten minutes; as Julia is trying her absolute hardest to make her step-daughter cum. If you’re a fan of family members you’d like to fuck, you’ll have a blast enjoying these two go at it! In the beginning, they start off with the basics; a step-mother teaching her daughter how to please herself. Little does she know that things are about to get serious! Julia starts to take action into her own hands, fingering and prodding her way into Penelope’s tight and moist hole. I swear, you’ve never seen a pussy as pink as hers! Ripe and ready to eat, just like Julia likes them. The tongue shouldn’t be left out of the equation, so of course, Julia also eats her step-daughters pussy (while she begs for more!). After all of that, Penelope thinks everything is over; but even while she’s shivering with pleasure, Julia makes it a known fact that she expects something in return. Penelope proceeds to eat Julia’s pussy, ass, and everything in between! This is a scene that’s going to have you edging for days, and why wouldn’t you? Julia and Penelope are one of the hottest pairs we’ve ever seen. It’s a true porn family!


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