Enjoying quality time with the stepdad

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My new Step Dad Tom is the strong and silent type and this has turned me on from the first time my Mom brought him home. My girlfriends are jealous and say I shouldn't mess around with him as he's family but I don't care what they say. I feels right to me. Now I just need to be alone with Tom so I can find out if he feels the same way I do. Well, it turns out that this is my lucky day as my Mom's away all day planning a party for one of her friends. Tom is watching a golf tournament on TV and pretending to get ready to go to the pool, I walk in with my bikini on. I quickly see he finds me attractive as his eyes glance up and down at my young fit body. I suddenly feel really horny and I simply want him now. I'm sitting next to him and pretend to be watching TV and slowly slide my hand in his boxers. What are you doing Tina? His voice says he's shocked but his hardening cock says otherwise. It's OK Tom, I just want to make you feel good, that's all. I took out his dick and began sucking it which makes it even harder. That's when my Mom walked in the room. Things just got hotter...


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