Emily Willis Will Do Anything For The Job

Emily Willis
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Starring the sexy Emily Willis and Danny Mountain; Emily's got a big job interview coming up and she REALLY wants the job. There's nothing she wouldn't do to get it. Thing is, she was late for the interview. How do you expect to trust someone if they're late for their first meeting with their future boss? Emily would kill to be Danny's new assistant. She would literally get on her knees and suck his dick. And that is exactly what she does. He's an older guy who has a stable job and has this sexy British accent. He has all the attributes of a FILF, and since he's a "Father I'd Like To Fuck", might as well fuck him if it means securing the job, right? Emily Willis takes the matter into her own hands when Danny receives a phone call, pulling up her skirt and masturbating while he's busy. Emily almost pounces on him when he's done, giving him a hint that she's willing to fuck him for the job. A hint that her future boss understands immediately. As Emily fucks this hot FILF for her job, why don't you take the time to register for FREE, on FILF.com? You won't regret it, as you'll have access to hours after hours of hot Fathers videos. Want to know if Emily gets the job? Find out now by creating your free account. Only available on FILF.com.


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