Cecilia Lion In Lust With Dad Next Door

Cecilia Lion
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Starring the lovely Cecilia Lion; Cecilia is a young ebony teen with a lot going for her. She's smart, funny and most importantly; her beauty is unmatched. Her beautiful smile, her perfectly shaped small tits, and round, bulbous ass are to die for. But beyond her hall-of-fame girlfriend looks, lies a dirty, horny young babe with a taste for older men. That's right boys, put down your flowers and zip up your trousers, she has daddy fever. She's had a crush on Mr. Wilson for a long time. He's her dad's best friend. Cecilia goes to his house for a cup of sugar and sees this strong, athletic man pulling out weeds in his backyard. She's here for a cup, but she wants the whole package. She just gawks at him until he turns around and asks her what she's doing here. She tells him that what she needs, he accepts and tells her to lock the door on her way out. He goes to check if she locked the door properly when he hears sounds coming from his room. There she is, moaning as she's masturbating on his bed. He can't get caught with a young woman lying on his bed, rolling her marble. What if his wife found out? What if she arrived right when he's about to have a taste of that brown sugar? Or even worse, what if Cecilia's dad found out? He'd be dead for sure. But she's too damn hot and enticing. Once Cecilia lunges to her knees, pulling down his pants and putting his fat cock down her throat, it's game over for Mr. Wilson. Here comes the pleasure train, last stop, blowing a load in his best friend's daughter's mouth.


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