Anne Amari Seduced And Fucked By Her Friend's Creepy Uncle

Anne Amari
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Starring Anne Amari and Steve Holmes; Anne is always looking to help someone in need so when her friend asked her to feed the cats while she's out of town, she accepted in a heartbeat. At the house, she calls her friend, claiming she can't find the bowls. That's when she realizes that someone else is in the house. Over the phone, she asks her friend who could be there. She mentions that her uncle might be staying there. As she enters the house to check if it's him, she hears the faint sound of water coming from the bathroom. To her amazement, a tall, older man is there. Through the steam and the water droplets covering the thick glass of the shower, she can see a tall, older man washing. Her eyes are immediately drawn to his big, dangling cock. She's never seen a dick that big before. Her senses tingle and before she knows, her hand is running down her pants. She watches intently, biting her lips at the pleasure she's giving herself. Is this wrong? Should I not be snooping on my uncle's friend? It doesn't matter. She's already flicking her bean and pinching her puffy nipples. After some quick fun, she leaves. A few days later, she comes back. As she gives water to the cat, Uncle Steve creeps behind Anne, spooking her. He greets her in a weird, creepy way but he's charming, way more charming than she thought. She can't resist him. As she mentions that she's seen him naked, Steve says it's not fair that she's the only one to have seen him naked. Entranced by his hands, one going around her neck and one between her legs. She starts showing him her tits. Uncle Steve is about to get some ebony meat tonight. If you want to know what happens during this amazing new FILF scene. Go ahead and create your free account right now!


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