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Stepmom Julia Ann teaches stepdaughter how to have multiple orgasms.

Little Suzy thought she was being sneaky one day when she came home from school and went into her parents bedroom. She was jealous of her dad and his new wife's bed and brand new silk sheets and bedspread. Their bed was by far her most favorite spot in the entire house for her to have a little "me time" and rub one off. She jumped onto her dad and step mother's bed, sprawled out and began to pleasure herself. Little did she know that her stepmom Julianna got home right after Suzy did. Julianna walked into her room and witnessed her bitchy little step daughter fingering herself on Julianna's brand new silk bedspread! Julianna was shocked at first then just stayed there and watched. "She can't even do that right!" Julianna thought to herself. Julianna then got an idea and quietly walked into the room shutting the door behind her. Julianna then snuck up behind Suzy, jumped on top of her without her noticing and immediately put her hand over Suzy's mouth so she couldn't scream. Now it was time for Julianna to teach her ungrateful step daughter two lessons. One, that it isn't cool to foil your parents brand new sheets when they aren't home and two, how to have multiple orgasms.


Tags : Step Daughter

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